Congrats to our newest APR!

SCPRSA is pleased and proud to announce Andrea Simrell, PR Manager at VantagePoint Marketing in Greenville, has earned her APR accreditation. Brava Andrea on your achievement!


The Public Relations Society of America is proud to offer public relations professionals the opportunity to become certified through the universal accreditation process. Accreditation indicates that a professional is a knowledgeable, experienced and ethical practitioner.

Universal accreditation is the only international public relations and communications accreditation program professionally administered and independently field-tested and graded in the same fashion as bar exams, teachers’ exams and certified public accountant testing. PRSA and 10 organizations in the U.S., New Zealand and Canada are members of the Universal Accreditation Board.

PRSA members and members of Universal Accreditation Board organizations who have at least five years experience in the full-time paid professional practice of public relations or in teaching or administration of public relations in an accredited college or university may apply. A member need not be currently employed to qualify to take the test. Successful candidates are designated APR: Accredited in Public Relations.

Why Accreditation?

The APR designation is a useful credential that indicates that practitioners have a working knowledge of business, communications, media relations and research. Employers today are in search of ethical, credible professionals who can bring value to an organization; the APR designation is an indication that you can do so.

“I liked that preparing for the APR exam challenged me to sharpen my focus on how to address a PR situation in the most efficient, effective and ethical way possible. Earning the APR designation has been important from a credibility standpoint both for me professionally and for the organizations where I volunteer.” ~ Wally Niebauer, APR

Application Process

There are no longer fall and spring cycles for the examination for Accreditation in Public Relations! Now, candidates may schedule to take the computerized, multiple-choice examination at their convenience.

Candidates must first declare their intent to prepare for the examination by completing an application process, prepare for and schedule a Readiness Review and then advance to take the computerized examination.

An accreditation committee member serves as your personal accreditation contact, trainer and supporter. There is an accreditation committee member in each part of the state: Lowcountry, Midlands and Upstate.

Study sessions are offered and candidates will receive a list of several textbooks and other source materials to help them prepare for the Readiness Review and the computerized examination.

For South Carolina members, please contact Jacqueline Keisler, APR, SCPRSA’s Accreditation Chair.

Additional information

National PRSA Accreditation site