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Celebrating PRSA Diversity and Inclusion Month

By Ore Oluwole, SCPRSA Diversity Chair

PRSA has designated October as Diversity and Inclusion Month. As we think about representation, we need to recognize the importance that different experiences, perspectives, and voices bring to the profession. Diversity and inclusion are integral to the evolution and growth of PRSA and the public relations industry.

Working towards a more diverse and inclusive profession takes consistent action and learning on everyone’s part and below are ways to learn more and engage this month.


Watch PRSA’s Diverse Dialogues which feature conversations with leaders in the profession about diversity and inclusion and the way forward.


View the new PRSA Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan which serves as a model for the profession in reflecting leadership in diversity and inclusion.

Read five ways to eliminate D&I roadblocks


Join the PRSA Diversity Discussions Community to engage and share information related to diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as share best practices, programs and ask questions.

Celebrate #PRDiversity with @PRSADiversity to join the conversation in promoting and advancing diversity and inclusion throughout the industry.

As PRSA Chair, Garland Stansell, said in a recent letter to members, “We can use our individual and collective voices to stand for truth, to speak out in our communities and workplaces to help cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion that recognizes and celebrates the inherent value in each person regardless of age, race, religion and sexual identity.”

As we seek to deepen conversations and take action toward inclusion, let us know if you have any additional resources to share or ideas for our chapter.

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