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Leveraging Voices4Everyone

By Ore Oluwole

The Public Relations Society of America recently launched a new strategic initiative called Voices4Everyone. Oftentimes people want to be a force for change but don’t know where to start. Now, this website works to empower communicators with the tools and resources to build upon diversity and inclusion in their industries. Voices4Everyone also leverages the expertise of the public relations profession with dynamic content addressing disinformation, civil discourse, and civic engagement.

If 2020 taught us anything, it was the importance of not just publishing a message on diversity and inclusion, but how those words need to lead to action. As communicators, our audience often reflects the diversity of America and now it’s time our content and actions amplify and support those voices.

The core principles of the initiative are to ACT: Amplify, Connect and Take action. Amplify assets and messages to support a healthy information environment with robust dialogue and expertise. Connect initiatives with your publics to build positive, conversive relationships and establish critical thought leadership. Take action implementing content to self-educate, learn, grow and engage in the national conversation.

On the diversity and inclusion side, Voices4Everyone serves as a resourceful hub offering the Diverse Dialogues program, learning opportunities, inclusive language guides, timely diversity and inclusion blog posts from fellow professionals, and the PRSA Diversity and inclusion toolkit to allow you to become a more aware, effective and inclusive professional.

Now members also have access to a professional development opportunity to complete a six-week certificate program that equips communicators in enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the workplace through a strategic approach.

As communicators, we play a crucial role in leveraging diverse voices and backgrounds that go well beyond our industry. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we use these voices in bringing conversations that lead to real change.  We hope you can use the content in Voices4Everyone to learn, grow and engage.

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