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Mindful Communicators Morning Recap

Written By Pamela Flasch
May 8, 2019

I usually leave workshops INSPIRED! SCPRSA’s Mindful Communicators Morning was certainly at the top of that scale. Between the early morning mindset tweak and the late morning diversity exercise, it felt like my brain had been taken out, laundered on delicate, then polished and put back facing true north.

The best part, of course, was growing with colleagues from around the state. No matter who you are — and I probably was the oldest one in the room – we can always learn from one another!

Dr. Laura Camacho with the Mixonian Institute gave us fresh new perspectives with which to recharge our growth mindsets. My favorite takeaway was writing a precap. You can do that right now:

Compose a press release for May 15, 2020, talking about all of your fantastic accomplishments from now until then. Illustrate the ways you’ve grown, improved, succeeded in being the best YOU ever! Write this for a world audience full of people who will celebrate your many triumphs! Save this for next year’s workshop.

The expert team from the Citadel’s Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Center (TRHT) led us on an interactive journey that focused on less superficial ways of considering those around us. We were all PR professionals of different races, genders, age groups and nationalities – but we have so much more than our vocation as common ground.

Here’s your last assignment – from our final exercise from TRHT:
Think of the one person who contributed most to who you are. If that person is living, call, write or text that person to tell them how they affected who you are. If they aren’t living, share a story about them with someone. I am still smiling about the beautiful story one upstate colleague shared about her amazing late grandmother!

Share your work with us at [email protected] along with your impressions from our Mindful Communicators Morning.

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