Past Recipients of Individual Awards

George Johnson Community Spirit Award
(formerly called the Distinguished Citizen and Community Spirit Award)

1995    NBCS

1996    Pulliam Ford

1997    George Johnson, APR

1998    WACH FOX TV

1999    Suggs & Kelly Lawyers

2000    SC BellSouth Pioneer Volunteers

2002    William “Billy” Alford, A&I, Inc.

2003    No award presented

2004    No award presented

2005    No award presented

2006    BCBSSC

2007    No award presented

2008    Kay Coker, Lexington One Community Coalition

2009    David Campbell, Chernoff Newman

2010    No award presented

2011    Renamed George Johnson Community Spirit Award, George Johnson first recipient

2012    Debbie Nelson, DNACC

2013    No award presented

2014    Cathy Monetti and Theresa Coles, Co-founders of CreateAthon

2015 Elizabeth Gibbes, Children’s Trust of South Carolina

2015 Honorary – Marvin Chernoff, posthumously

2016 Dr. Jeffrey Ranta, University of South Carolina

W. Thomas Duke Distinguished Practitioner Award
(formerly named the Distinguished PR Practitioner of the Year Award)

1990   Joe Jones, APR

1991   S. Keith Thomason, APR

1992   Van Newman

1993   Kathryn Carson, APR

1994   W. Lee Bussell, APR

1995   Sharmin Barnes Hill, APR

1996   George Johnson, APR, Fellow PRSA

1997   Jack Claypoole, APR

1998   No award presented

1999   Padgett Nichols, APR

2000   Marcia Purday, APR

2001   No award presented

2002   Tom Duke. APR

2003   Jo Halmes, APR

2004   No award presented

2005   No award presented

2006   Kelly Davis, APR

2007   No award presented

2008   Brett Turner, APR

2009   No award presented

2010   No award presented

2011   Robyn Zimmerman

2012   No award presented

2013   No award presented

2014   Alice Grey Harrison, APR

2015 Erin Watson, APR

2016 No award presented

Rookie of the Year

1990       Amy W. Gerlach, SC Bankers Association

1991       Nekki A. Shutt, Siebels Bruce Insurance Company

1992       Melissa Cashwell Thompson, Fighting Back, Richland Project

1993       Leigh Ann Wynkoop, Chernoff/Silver

1994       Harriett D. Singleton, NS&G Direct

1995       Kim Asbill, Chernoff/Silver

1996       Kelly Harding, PRSSA Student, The Summit

1997       Kelly Jackson, Carolina Children’s Home

1998       No award presented

1999       Ashley Sizemore, Shoor & Co.

2000       Mandy Edwards

2001       Regan Taylor

2002       Stephanie Rice Jones

2003       No award presented

2004       Rachel Rauh Beanland

2005       Ashley Sherry

2006       Allison Skipper

2007       Rebecca Blackman

2008       Ryan Fisher

2009       Grace LeSueur

2010       No award presented

2011       No award presented

2012       Alyssa Hasell

2013       Sarah Anderson

2014       Aliza Darnell

2015 Sarah Moore

2016 Katie Sanders

Executive Excellence
(Originally Distinguished Citizen of the Year)

1990   Joseph P. Riley, Mayor of Charleston

1991   Charles Austin, Columbia Police Chief

1992   Justice Jean Toal, SC Supreme Court Justice

1993   Joe Anderson, Southern Bell

1994   No award presented

1995   No award presented

2000   Ike McLeese, Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce

2001   Christopher Andrews Ph.D., SC Aquarium

2002   Faith Rivers, Esq., SC Bar Foundation

2003   Moss Bresnahan, SC ETV

2004   No award presented

2005   Satch Krantz, Riverbanks Zoo & Gardens

2006   S. Hunter Howard, SC Chamber of Commerce

2007   Renee Martin, SC Tobacco Collaborative

2008   Otis Rawl, Jr., SC Chamber of Commerce

2009   Lloyd Hendricks, SC Bankers Association

2010   No award presented

2011   No award presented

2012   Joann Turnquist, Central Carolina Community Foundation

2013   Melanie Huggins, Richland Library

2014   Howell Clyborne, Greenville Health System

2015 No award presented

2016 Dr. Brian McKinley, Greenville Health System

Jupiter Award
(Innovative Uses of Social Media with a High Impact in South Carolina)

2012   Bobby Rettew (Upstate), Mandi Engram (Midlands), Heather Woolwine (Lowcountry)

2013   Brian Mullen (Upstate), Dr. David Geier (Lowcountry)

2014   Dino Teppara, SC Department of Education

2015 Keely Saye, Riggs Partners

2016 No award presented