How did Davis Public Relations and Marketing help LRADAC evaluate its brand and launch efforts to help the community understand the breadth of services offered by the county’s authority for the prevention, intervention and treatment of substance abuse? Find out by reading Davis Public Relations and Marketing’s winning Mercury Award entry for Brand/Reputation Management.

Educating the masses is not an easy task, especially when it comes to health education. Greenville Health System took a new approach in 2011 with an original one-act played called “Ungirdled Truths” that spotlighted 12 women and their medical experiences. The play was a hit, reaching nearly 1,000 Upstate women. Click here to view Greenville Health System’s winning Silver Wing Award entry for Creative Tactics.

How do you achieve a sellout of an event that is two years away? Rawle Murdy did it through urgent messaging, one-on-one media outreach and creative events. The result? Five days of record-breaking sales and a 94% sell-out of the 2012 PGA Championship in Kiawah! Click here to view Rawle Murdy’s winning Mercury Award entry for Marketing Consumer Products.

Despite a down economy, Carnival Cruise Lines successfully launched year-round service with a sold out ship and overwhelming local support thanks to PR partner Rawle Murdy! Click here to view Rawle Murdy’s winning Mercury Award entry for Integrated Communications.

In a state known for opposing taxes, Rawle Murdy was tasked with garnering support for a six-year, one-cent sales tax increase to raise an estimated $450M for school improvements. In 60 days from research to vote, the Yes4Schools campaign shifted the public’s opposition to pass the referendum by 63 percent. Click here to view Rawle Murdy’s winning Mercury Award entry for Public Affairs.

How do you communicate new programs and initiatives to an organization made up of 10,000 employees spread across five medical campuses and 140 physician practices? You make your own newscast and enlist employees to serve as news anchors and reporters! Click here to view Greenville Health System’s award entry. Visit Greenville Health System’s YouTube channel to view an episode of GHS 360 News.

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